Skin Lesions

Skin Lesions and Skin Cancer


Checking for skin cancer is an important part of keeping healthy, especially in New Zealand, which has high rates of skin cancer.


It is important to look at all the different types of “spots” on your skin, not just moles, because skin cancer comes in all shapes and colours.  Also, we are trying to detect skin cancers when they are very small, measured in a few millimetres.


Skinology offers two types of skin lesion checks:



Spot Checks


For checking just some spots or moles

from 1-5 lesions, using the latest in

digital dermoscopy.



3 lesions:        $60

5 lesions:        $75

Full Body Scan


Full body check includes face to face visit with doctor trained in dermoscopy for all moles and spots.

Add total body photography to to scan you skin for new and changing moles and spots over time.


Full body check with dermoscopy:                      $175

Full body check and total body photography:   $275



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Dermoscopy – the new gold standard




To check if a mole or spot on the skin is a skin cancer the doctor should be using a dermatoscope.


This is a skin microscope that magnifies the skin around 10 times and greatly increases the accuracy of skin lesion diagnosis.


So much more can be seen to analyse the different patterns in skin lesions, it is now the gold standard for skin checks.


Examples of dermoscopy images used to diagnose skin cancers.



Total Body Photography – taking diagnosis to the next level




This new technology now allows computerised mapping of the whole body.


The power of this technology is that the computer can “watch” your skin over time, looking for skin lesions which are changing or which are new.


By having an annual photographic mapping the computer software can highlight skin lesions which are new or appear to have changed.


This technology is combined with a face to face check with the doctor to ensure all lesions are properly evaluated.

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