For Health Professionals

Health Professionals in the Beauty Industry


Welcome to Skinology, where the medical world meets the beauty industry.


As you already know, medical treatments for skin care are constantly developing and more consumers want to access these treatments. In the ideal world they should access this through the salon or spa with whom they already have their relationship. YOU. Don’t lose another client to a competitor simply because they are offering more than what you currently do.


Our partnership with your business will ensure your clients remain with you, as the medical industry forges ahead with treatments that are becoming more highly sought after, and more readily available outside of the doctor’s office.





Our Aim

With Skinology by your side, you can be confident that you are offering your clients the best level of medical level skin care.


If you are looking at offering your clients a wider range of services including botulinum toxin treatments for fine lines and wrinkles, or would like to offer mole and skin lesion photography with interpretation and treatment recommendation from a doctor, then our service can provide these.


Not only will offering these additional services improve the breadth and depth of your salon, but there is also an opportunity for your salon to increase its earning capacity.


To find out more about how Skinology can work with you, and for you, contact us here.




Standards and Protocols

We use specific protocols to ensure safety at all times during your client’s treatment.


Skinology has invested in creating its own software tools to maximize safety and allow clients access to skin care in any location.


All staff are involved in regular education and peer review of their practice.