Cosmetic Mole or Skin Lesion Removal


The Unwanted Mole or Skin Lesion


There are many different lesions on the skin that you may want to remove for cosmetic reasons.


These range from moles to simple skin tags and many other benign growths.


It is important that these are removed with the minimal amount of scarring and also with minimally invasive procedure if possible.



Safety First


It is very important that any lesion – mole or otherwise – is checked to make sure it is benign (which means it is not cancerous).


Every lesion removed for cosmetic reasons is, therefore, checked by a doctor trained in skin lesion diagnosis to make sure it is benign.  A skin microscope (called a dermatoscope) to make sure the diagnosis is correct.


Safety is our first priority before considering skin lesion removal.





Removal Using Radio-frequency


Skin lesions or moles are generally removed using high radio-frequency waves which are able to destroy tissue at much lower temperatures than usual.


This allows very precise tissue destruction with out causing collateral damage and scarring.


Make a booking to assess if your moles or skin lesions are suitable to removal.





One lesion:   $150

More than one lesion:   TBA depending on assessment